Dance As If No One Were Watching"

Welcome to Lela Ashkarian's website. Get to know how Lela has engaged the power of positive thinking, along with her will to succeed, to achieve a life of living without regret.

Lela Ashkarian is a top-selling real estate agent, a successful business woman and author from the Florida Keys.

Lela's inspirational book, The Crossing, shares with readers her struggles, strengths and empowerment that she derived from her journey from the embattled shores of Lebanon to the palm-studded beaches of Key West.

As the moderator of the Mastermind-Business Meetings , Lela Ashkarian provides conversations and interviews with successful people and reveals their stories of how being a member of a mastermind group has changed their life, both personally and professionally.

Lela Ashkarian"I fully embrace my life and work. When you come to me, you have a 100% commitment that I will do everything in my power to save you time and money. I KNOW you will not be disappointed!"

By the way, why is that immigrants to the United States become self-made millionaires at four times the rate of native-born Americans on a per-capita basis? The simplest reason, aside from the fact that they had to have more ambition to leave their home to come here, is that they come here with a blank slate...they come here and say, “Now, I'm starting all over from nothing." Many of them come here penniless, with no friends, no contacts, no ability to speak English. They have no education. They have no background. They start with nothing but a blank slate, and what they do is they say, "Now, I'm in the land of dreams. What is my dream?" (Brian Tracy).

Does this resonate with you? It does with me! Now what is your dream?