"Sing As If No One Were Listening"

Lela Ashkarian is a top-selling real estate agent, a successful business woman and author from the Florida Keys.

Lela's inspirational book, The Crossing, shares with readers her struggles, strengths and empowerment that derived from her journey from the embattled shores of Lebanon to the palm-studded beaches of Key West.

As the moderator of the Mastermind-Business Meetings , Lela Ashkarian provides conversations and interviews with successful people and reveals their stories of how membership in a mastermind group has changed their lives, both personally and professionally.

Loral Langemier, Lela's teacher and author of Millionaire Maker
Loral Langemier, Lela's teacher and author of Millionaire Maker.

Only as far as we seek can we go; only as much as we dream can we become...

Lela is 100% dedicated to becoming the best she can be. She takes this very seriously and has been fortunate to work with some of the best motivational and inspirational people around!

Remember, your only limitations are those you set up in your own mind. Concentrate on overcoming them and nothing can stop you.

Source: Success Unlimited. March, 1967. Vol. 14, No. 3. Pgs. 33 & 34.

Below are recent pictures of Lela with her coach Bob Proctor (who appeared in the movie: www.TheSecret.TV)  and Jim Rohn, from a recent conference in Atlanta.


Lela and Jim Rohn Shady


Lela and Bob Proctor

Lela and Jim Rohn Shady (left) and Lela and Bob Proctor (Right) In 2006 Atlanta Conference. Do you know exactly what you want from life? Do you have a definite plan for getting it? Then your next step is to concentrate on the goal and the plan with such determination that no obstacle can block your way.

Impression of Increase:
"When you influence people with the idea of increase, they will become interested and attracted to you. To do business in a certain way every day, whether by phone, email, face to face, or through the Internet, the key element is to give the impression of increase. Show them the benefits, not the features.

If you want to increase any part of your life, there is no good or bad, as this power, the thought,and the energy go into your mind. You can feel other people. They feel good about when you make them feel special. They will buy your service, and you will increase your production.

When you change your attitude about increase, everything will change. I can see nothing but the best, and I resonate with people. I really understand their needs, wants, and desires. I explain my role, how we will work together to achieve a mutually beneficial goal. Desire of increase in humanity is inherent when you are in harmony with the universe.

When we connect with nature, we realize an increase.

I have learned also to be empathetic, intentionally giving attention and listening to my clients’ needs. This has elevated me and separated me from the crowd. Again, it is simple, but not easy to laser focus on someone else’s needs, wants, and desires, because you need to be disciplined, devoted, commited, honest, humorous, loving, caring, detail oriented, and knowledgeable. People will trust you, and you will become their trusted advisor."

-Lela Ashkarian

Zig Ziglar once said, “When you give people what they want, you will get what you want.”