"Dance As If No One Were Watching"

The Crossing captures the essence of a young woman on the brink of disaster yet imbued with determination to more than survive, to thrive.

From the embattled shores of Lebanon to the palm-studded beaches of Key West, Lela Ashkarian weaves a fascinating and inspiring story of courage, ambition, and transformation.

The title symbolizes many successful crossings in her life--spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical--affording the reader an opportunity for self-examination in the mirror of her amazing life.

The Crossing will inspire you beyond belief!

Lela Ashkarian's Baby Picture
Lela Ashkarian As
A Child In Lebanon

"I met Lela in a self-development study group in 2006. Since then, I have talked to her almost every week. From the very first call, her voice was clear and calm. I recognized “something” in her personality. Soon I identified the core, the fountainhead of this “something.”

Even as a boy, I admired the Norwegian pioneers, many thousands of them, moving the promise of America, launching a new life without any warranty of success, and conquering the environment and external obstacles. They originated the land of the self-made man.

Once upon a time, in a place far from Norway, another people lived a harsh life. At this place, the Bekka Valley, there lived a special, strong-willed girl. Like the Norwegian pioneers, she did not believe in poverty and illiteracy. She willingly put herself in danger, taking risks in search of opportunities in a strange land.

Lela Ashkarian and Siblings
Lela Ashkarian
and Siblings

She took control of her future, of her life. She fought not so much with the environment, but with herself, chiseling the self-made woman, continuously moving forward with full force to see the light.

Listen: don’t make the mistake of confusing this story with Internet guru stories created for the purpose of marketing.

Lela Ashkarian tells a unique story, one of a real heroine driven by the power of the bold eagle as the source of what in the beginning I recognized as “something.”

My friend: let Lela enrich your life.

—Kjell Ramstad, Norway