Testimonials About Lela and The Crossing

“Having seen the images on the news all those years ago, I remember not understanding how it must be to be stuck in such a frightening war torn place. This book is a truly inspiring story of one woman's crossing from one world to another, from one continent to another, from one life to another.

The writing style had me captivated from the beginning and the easy language meant it was a pleasure to read.

I highly recommend this book as it is one that will make you realize that no matter what you’re beginning, no matter what your circumstances you can make the changes needed and move your life on to a wonderful future.  You must read this book."

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“I've been reading your book and I think it is awesome.  Wow!! You have had quite an adventurous life, I'm totally impressed.”

Love Ya, Rita Wilcher

"I read your book on Sunday and loved it!  The part about your Mom feeling so bad about throwing out your french fries practically brought a tear to my eye.  I read some bits aloud to Steve.  We laughed when you asked Richard if the Keys were something edible."

Former Tenant

"We can't expect people to do what we aren't doing for ourselves ... to be generous when we are stingy, to be gracious when we are unkind, to be affectionate when we are cold, to show respect when we are domineering, or to applaud us w...hen we are critical of them." Lilas Ashkarian from "The Crossing" (highly recommended!)

Carol Gates

Carol Gates Life Success Coach, Bob Proctor